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On air since 2001, BellaClub is one of the most famous and renowned sites of sexy photo shoots on the net. It is easy to win some extra money with us! We offer you a cost-free partnership which guarantees you fixed commission fees.
Our Affiliate Program works this way:


To become a Bella Club partner, first you need to register. Once you have your registration approved, you will get an automatic link which shall be added to your website in a banner or as a link.

Every time a user is directed to Bella Club by using the link you posted on your website, he gets a permanent cookie which will identify him as a client who came to us as your indication.

The more clicks you get, the higher the chances of a visitor becoming a Bella Club member and you getting your money. For every membership generated by your link, you get a 50% of the plan cost commissioned.


Payments are cumulative and paid to you on the 7th of each month via PayPal (If you still don´t have an account with them, you will need to subscribe – it´s free!). In case you don´t have at least $50 at the end of the month, the amount accumulates until you get the minimum value and then you receive it all into your PayPal account.


So you have control and are able to follow the memberships you´ve generated step-by-step, you will have access to a link which is for partners only. There, it is possible to check all the information generated by the link you posted on your website, such as sales reports, the quantity of clicks generated by you and the amount of memberships sold.


Please read our FAQ for more information or contact us by filling up our contact form.


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