Cancellation Policy

In respect to the customers, and in full compliance with the laws, the cancellation of the subscription request and the respective refund of the amounts paid is ensured by those who bought the online membership, but gave up within seven (7) days counted from the purchase date, as long as the access to the content restricted to subscribers has not occurred.

Once the access to the content restricted to subscribers is confirmed, the cancellation of the respective membership is only possible for the next renewal, which happens automatically after the expiration of the current period/membership, as per our terms and conditions.

The cancellation of the automatic renewal must be requested directly through the Contact link, in After the cancellation request, the customer will receive an e-mail, and must confirm the cancellation request through the e-mail received, in up to 24 hours. The non-confirmation of the cancellation request via e-mail maintains active the automatic renewal of the membership.

The cancellation request of memberships made with credit cards must consider the credit card invoice closing date and, because of that, the request must be made before the closing date of the next credit card invoice, in order to avoid a new charge.

To all the customers who withhold rights to amounts due: the refunds occur within 30 days after the cancellation confirmation. The transaction will be refunded by the bank, and the amounts due shall appear as credit on the current credit card invoice or, if the current invoice is already closed, on the next credit card invoice. In such cases, the deadline for the cancellation to be effective varies in accordance to the credit card’s issuing bank.

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