She is 18 years old, and can barely wait to show you a mixture of great shape, amazing beauty, and lots of teasing! The new Bella Club model enjoys going shopping on her free time, and has already been proposed to on Facebook – but luckily for us, she refused (phew!). Gorgeous, Izabella Morales is here to prove that, when it comes to sensuality and teasing, the brunettes indeed know what they’re doing!

Name: Izabella Morales.

Birthday: March 26th, 1997.

Lives in: a city called Criciuma (South of Brazil).



You’ve just turned 18. Do people judge you for that? They do, but I don’t care.


What are your plans for the future? Keep focused on my goal.


Do you regret of anything you’ve done? I regret the things I haven’t done...


What was the coolest modeling job you’ve made? I’m sure posing for Bella Club was one of the best ones so far.


What do you do on your free time? I enjoy shopping.


What do men do you can’t resist? I Love when men pull my hair and slap me…


What is compulsory to being beauty, in your opinion? You definitely got to look after your diet, your skin, and especially your smile.


What was the best pick-up line you’ve heard? One day a guy proposed to me on Facebook LOL. I didn’t even know who he was.


Have you ever kissed anyone famous? Could you tell us the name? I have, but I can’t tell who that is...


How do you deal with the fact of exposing your body? I see it as a normal thing.


Is it hard to keep in shape? It’s difficult, but definitely worth it!

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