Bella Club is a Brazilian company that, since 2001, produces high quality content dedicated mainly to the male audience. Our core business is the web, with websites in Brazil, the US, England, Portugal, and Mexico.

We currently distribute our content through 5 different domains, in accordance to the country and the customer’s language. In Brazil, the domain receives 1.5 million visitors monthly, it is the oldest of the category in the country, and a leader in the segment. We also own Bella Club, the website’s international version, with the domains for the North American audience, and for the English audience; as well as for Spanish speakers; and in Portugal. 

Bella Club also distributes mobile content (in about 90 countries), and for television in 193 countries, through its partnership with the world’s main fashion channel, French Fashion TV. 

Based in the city of Florianopolis, in the South of Brazil – region with one of the most beautiful and internationally renowned models -, we are proud to have revealed several talents - many of which became TV presenters, actresses, journalists, bloggers, and writers. As well as the Brazilian models, in 2015 Bella Club started photographing Russians and Australians, working with talented photographers Aleksandr Mavrin and Adam Parsell. 

The access to the country’s most beautiful models, the ability to share their beauty, and the public’s recognition in Brazil’s main website in its category are the key to our strategy, just as our compromise with quality and the obsession by the female figure.


Bella Club in the media

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