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Details, details

Fashion, just like everything in our lives, is made of small things. Details which can make all the difference. They may be related to the way you choose to wear something, or maybe a strong trend, an accessory, a special item. Details are definitely the place to go when you want to add a little something to the visual.

Have you ever noticed how most guys now wear their socks up to their calves? Socks, by the way, are a thing now when it comes to fashion trends! They are colorful, different, sophisticated… the perfect item to make you stylish if you know how to wear them.

Several bracelets worn together is also a thing we’ve been seeing quite a lot around the world. You can have them in several styles, in leather, rubber, metal. The idea here is to maximize! Just pay attention to organize them in an preset order, never mix their styles. Watches are also part of this game.

Dreaded by many, the money belt is back. The controversial item from the 90s appears more functional this time around. When worn transversally over the chest or waist, it’s a simple way to carry your everyday belongings - even though not always the most appreciated one. The new money belts come especially in black, leather, suede and varnish.

Considered the most-loved of the classic trends, stripes are part of men’s clothing in several moments, from shirts to T-shirts. Last year, the thick vertical stripes gained notoriety on both tops and bottoms.

Pay attention to details, organize your style, and wear them to your favor!

Mariana Goulart

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