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Tapered trousers: a men's fashion must-have

One of the key items in men's clothing has been highlighted on the last seasons, and appeared ever more modern. Tapered, shorter, and with daring patterns, the trousers are repaginated and left behind their sobriety. A huge diversity of styles and patterns have gained the male world, and a pair of trousers became something to wish for.

It's long time the time in which men could only work wearing formal, straight trousers in the organization. More and more men's clothes gain fashion status, and is surprised by modern looks - even to wear in the office. Retreated suits, colorful socks, free-pass jeans... and trousers!

They are slimmier on the legs, keeping the shape of the body more evidentiated. The jeans, tailored pants and sweatpants are all in the same game, which has been pretty well accepted by men, by the way. The search for such models has increased so much that stores needed to think ahead and change their conception a bit.

Patterns are also a thing, with special highlight for flowers, stripes and monograms. The combination of different patterns between pants and shirt has become common, and if you're really into fashion, the shorter trousers are also a great way to reveal your cool socks.

The color chart has also developed, and more daring shades have gained notoriety. Mustard, olive green, navy blue, wine, brown, white and off white are a thing. The nude fever revealed trousers that are almost like a chromatic palette, perfect for every occasion and body type.

If you have longer, thinner legs, opt for the ones with lots of colors and patterns. Now if you are shorter, with thicker legs, it's best if you choose the nude ones worn with same-color-shoes to stretch the silhouette.

When in doubt, black is always black!

Mariana Goulart

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