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When checked is trending

Repaginated, checked is currently the trendiest style, appearing more modern, with a mixture of the classical elements with distinct details, causing an amazing upgrade. In 2018, plaid clothes are as fashionable as ever!

If you prefer the more standardized looks, combined your checked item with sports items such as sneakers, jogging pants or jumper. And don’t think we’re only talking about shorts here. There are some incredible checked trousers you can wear with sportive coats.

Plaid fabric has conquered new spaces after some time oscillating between the formal and basic. The return of the style, which has always been elegantly present in several princes’ leisure moments, during their golfing. Checked has a lovely story, and up to now its pattern represents the clan of the European families, such as Scotland, where the creation of a plaid style is drawn especially to a given family.

Previously combined with sweaters and traditional ties, the plaid fabric now offers an avant-garde touch to the male visual. Bet on tailored trousers with long checked scarves, classic plaid coats with jogging trousers, sophisticated checked shirts with that good old pair of jeans. And, amidst the more daring combinations, add a bit of creativity too!

Mariana Goulart

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