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Winter looks

Once the temperatures start changing, it’s time to think about repaginating your looks. We know it’s not even summer there yet, but we’ve organized this article in order to get you ready for the winter to come. With this, you’ll have enough time to get ready and become the most fashionable guy in the neighborhood.

Here are some hints on style and trends for the colder season to come.

- Shearling jacket: it’s the traditional jacket, with a fur collar. The item is quite traditional, a classic for the colder days. It dresses well with shirts and slim fit trousers for the workplace. If you’re looking for informality, wear it with jeans, leather or suede.

- Checked: this is one of the classic patterns which strongly re-appears next winter. It got a modern upgrade, and became an important part of the street style. Think about wearing checked trousers with that bomber jacket you have lying around, or even a cool jumper. Just go for it.

- Overcoat: this is another classic item in the male wardrobe which reappears modernized. You’ll see it in two distinct styles - a more sophisticated one, with traditional cut; and military style, ample and casual modelage. Ideal for the colder days, dressed over a sweater-and-shirt combination. It can also be worn with light tees or shirts, jeans or skinny twill pants.

- Wine-colored-trousers: the colorful trousers got their space in the make closet, and have also been seen in two distinct models. The skinny one, and the slim fit. Pants this color are versatile, and look great with pieces of clothing in grey, black or beige. They are also good with checked shirts, jeans tracker jackets or daring combinations in stronger colors such as yellow or orange.

- Prints: camouflaged, botanical, floral, minimalist micro prints are all current trends. Go for stylish T-shirts, shirts or shorts (if it’s not too cold, of course).

- Styles: military (with camouflage in traditional colors), longline (long and large items), outdoor (clothing inspired by nature, adventure), monochromatic (specially black or navy).

- Colors: grey, mustard, wine, orange, black, earthy tones, navy, off white.

Mariana Goulart

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