Not traditional but current

Men's fashion has always followed a timely line of changes and swings, though  without much hype and almost always classic. But in recent decades...

It's time to take a chance!

Men's fashion does not take a lot of risks, even the biggest trends oscillate in the way the pieces are worn - like a shirt that at some point is worn out of the pants and another tucked in.

Sure bet!

They are not necessarily the basics of men's fashion, but they sure are essential for you to create a good personal image in your life.

Fashion and its natural trends

Among the great behavioral trends for the next few years, with a direct reflection on the consumption market, is the desire to revisit the past and bring back the best we have ever lived.

Modern shirts

The shirt is the most traditional piece of clothing of men’s closet. Worn with suit, tie, and several collar styles. But who’s said it needs to be so serious, after all?

Details, details

They may be related to the way you choose to wear something, or maybe a strong trend, an accessory, a special item.

The trends for next Summer

A new year, great time for changing what can be changed and welcoming lots of good vibes and exciting news.

Dress code for the holidays

It’s time for the holidays, confraternization at work, meeting with friends, and many other events which make us wonder if we’re wearing the right outfit for the occasion.

Minimalist style: does it actually work?

There is a strong minimalist wave going on worldwide. But not all people surf the same wave at the same time, and maybe some of you don’t quite know what is it about minimalism and its essence.

Holiday season feelings

It’s November all over again, and suddenly we all catch ourselves talking holidays, presents, and parties. The change of season is also a good reason to renew part of our closets with the latest fashion trends.

Put your socks to show!

Socks have suddenly gained such an important status in the male closet, that we cannot deny their aesthetic contribution upon the choosing of a look. It’s something like picking the socks before anything else.

Tips on male fashion

If there's something most people enjoy doing is shopping for clothes. Some are more patient than others, and there are those who never try anything on them, but take the item home nonetheless. Some of us even have a mont...

Tapered trousers: a men's fashion must-have

One of the key items in men's clothing has been highlighted on the last seasons, and appeared ever more modern.

When checked is trending

Repaginated, checked is currently the trendiest style, appearing more modern, with a mixture of the classical elements with distinct details, causing an amazing upgrade.

Winter looks

Once the temperatures start changing, it’s time to think about repaginating your looks. We know it’s not even summer there yet, but we’ve organized this article in order to get you ready for the winter to come.

Adopt a sustainable fashion style

There is a great fashion trend that has left many people in doubt when they get to renovate their closet every other season: the capsule wardrobe. What is that, after all?

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