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Planning is all you need!

Let’s face it. Planning is compulsory for many distinct activities to work - even though many of us prefer leaving it for tomorrow.

We don’t want to be too rigid, nor too uninterested, but having things planned is fundamental. There are, indeed, some people who are really bad at it. But when we’re after positive results, that’s definitely something we can’t leave behind.

When you finish college and focus on getting a job, for example, you have a purpose. And, where there’s a purpose, there’s planning. You subscribe to special classes, enter a post-grad, prepare a personal presentation, organize your resumé… Some accept low-pay jobs just so they can get the experience they need to thrive.

Planning, obviously, isn’t always the way you imagine it to be. But we must recognize that it is always easier to follow a plan than having no idea where you’re going or for what reason.

There are people who are planning specialists, real organizers of the most varied segments, such as finance, career, social media, personal marketing, among others. They are great when it comes to helping those who have trouble when it comes to keeping things into focus. The secret lies in making a list of your goals, aligning your expectations towards the results, and following a logical plan in order to reach your purpose.

And that isn’t just a business thing. You can plan the selling of a property, the exchange of a car, the arrival of a new baby. Yes, personal planning is also very important to keep things straight and under control.

If you consider the costs involved once you have a new baby in the family, for example, you need to consider several other aspects, such as a health insurance plan, the reorganization of the house, the size of your current vehicle, your routine in general… When you do that, you’re planning, organizing.

Basically, you need planning for everything in your life. When you go on a trip, you need to save some extra money. You need to plan how many days you’re going to spend on each destination, you need to consider accommodation dates and standards, flight tickets, food, sightseeing tours…

Some people plan what they’ll be eating during the week, how much exercise they’ll be doing, how much they’ll be cooking, how long they’ll be working for.

Just take note: in order to reach your goals, you need to know what your next steps are going to be!

Mariana Goulart

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