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A thought on August

I would like to ask you a question that you have probably questioned yourself. Do you think that things are getting out of control when it comes to violence or what’s happening is that we have broader access to communication, and things are noticed more easily? Both you and I know that atrocities have always happened, the difference is that we have internet now, and people are free to post almost everything they want in their social media profiles, through their smartphones.

Now let’s think about it: such a strong power within a phone, what an evolution! The only thing I think about is that, if we evolved so much when it comes to technology, science, and many other aspects, why haven’t we still evolved towards some of our bad attitudes? Why do human beings keep torturing others, being hypocrites, treating women and animals as objects? Society in general is messed up.

We complain so much about the way technology takes us away from people, but we have to admit that, thanks to it, bad things that happen every day get to be of public knowledge. I believe that’s the most amazing thing about the digital era, during which injustice is fought against by people who can’t take violence of any kind any longer.

Unfortunately, there are some things we can’t predict. Up to the point in which we see ourselves inserted in a difficult moment, never before we imagine we would be going through something like that.

We must remember that we are still the same, and nothing is going to change that. And that’s why we should fight for our values and our vision of the world. We must be practice empathy. We must think we don’t own anyone, our partners and children and friends aren’t here to fill our expectations.

Mariana Goulart

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