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Sincerity: Do you choose by appearance or feeling?

We are in times where we can not go out saying everything we think about. The Internet and social networks no longer allow people to do as they please. On the one hand it is a great help, since we discover general problems of inequality, racism, intolerance, abuse, mistreatment, etc. But on the other hand we can not be sincere in some ways, which are not always negative, but that gain great proportions in the media.

If we could talk about an openly pertinent subject, in which men receive severe criticism, this would be female beauty. We as intelligent and intelligent human beings know that some individuals have been blessed with a little more physical beauty than others. And these people always stand out for their physical attributes. Truth naked and raw? Yes! You can rest easy watching a movie with your girlfriend and feel loved and honored in your relationship, but that does not mean that your loved one can not find the actor who is on the beautiful television. No problem in that, after all the actress is beautiful too!

While women are more sentimental and seek relationships where the individual completes them in all respects (mostly emotional), men are more practical, more connected to the physical, to the sex. And there's no problem with that either. There are more sentimental men and more practical women. The key is to find the partner who understands their way of life. But as a woman I can talk about some things here that could make a difference to the men who read this column here at Bella Club.

First of all, be honest with yourself. Admit if you are a man connected to aesthetics, to appearance. That you really enjoy having a beautiful woman by your side, or still enjoy good physical attributes. No wonder you do not admire your girlfriend or wife if what attracts you is not in it. Sincerity is important right now. There are men who do not care about beauty. There are others who call so much, that they prefer to be alone, in order to be with them whenever they want. Let's not judge anyone, okay?

If you have a girlfriend or are married, respect your partner. Do not keep teasing other women. Even though her lover says she is not jealous, no woman likes to listen or receive comparisons. None! Believe me. It is quite different whether you are talking to your girlfriend about a beautiful actress or model or start talking about the body of a girl you follow on social networks for your wife. She will not like it!

If your loved one is slovenly, does not take care of the appearance, there can be some problem. Have you ever tried to ask her if something happened? Why low estimate? Have you given her a reason? Do you talk too much about the beauty of other women, follow many beautiful women in the nets and leave you feeling discouraged? Investigate this problem. Women like men to stop and talk if something is going on (even though they do not like DR make a fuss).

I particularly do not think it is a man's lack of maturity to like a woman (or not) because of his appearance. If you are in a relationship, in which you have chosen your partner according to what you seek, physical attraction or sentimental attraction, it does not make you someone better or worse. Now you leave someone because of your physical form, after saying that it was sentimental attraction, I find it lacking in maturity. "She was beautiful and gained a lot of weight." So that's why the feeling is over? Or was it just physical attraction? There is a big difference there. And in this difference is what causes a broken heart. Someone sincere, whether by their principles in general or what they seek in someone, will never be immature or unjust in a relationship. And in a relationship, whoever wants it, right?

Mariana Goulart

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