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Biological clock

Life’s going fast, we all know that. People don’t have more time for many things. And even when they do have time, they enjoy saying they’re busy. It’s a thing of the moment, being busy, always in action. It’s almost shameful to have some free time to enjoy during a weekday. And when you have it, you need to keep it a secret, in order not to be criticized in the social media.

A few studies about time and our planet, all connected to this crazy acceleration, have presented some curious results, as if we were all into some kind of cosmic speed. I believe we can all feel it somehow. Considering since the children, who seem to be adults since they are six. Their stages were fast-forwarded, technology is everywhere, and they seem to be missing their childhoods. They’ve become anxious, waiting for everything to be instantaneous, fast. They’ve become impatient, euphoric, impolite. Parents, of course, pay the price.

Against all this, men’s and women’s biological clock has also changed. Men seem to be ever younger, just as women. It’s very controversial to watch people’s behavior, for example, when they are at the beach or at a party. No one wants to be considered old, we all want to be young forever, we don’t even mention our age.

On the other hand, when we’re looking for a parking space, waiting to pay our bills at the bank or at the supermarket till, we all wished we were old enough to have preference. No one wants to waste time.

And, even though our bodies are more and more prepared to face the future, is our mind ready for it? Are our biological clocks are similar to our evolution as human beings? We look after our bodies, no hesitation. But do we pay attention to our minds?

Have you ever thought that it’s all about adjusting mind over body, inside and out? How much have you evolved, how much is there to go? Don’t you ever stop searching, don’t ever stop evolving. Keep it harmonious, your mind included.

Mariana Goulart

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