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Relationships: celebration or obligation?

If you’ve already understood what my point is, don’t feel guilty. But when it comes to celebrating the dates related to relationships (month anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so on), there are some distinct feelings that arise.

The most romantic women tend to like these dates, they imagine the presents they’re going to buy and get, they make plans to celebrate in style. Some men aren’t that joyful about it.

Usually this article brings tips on the kind of presents you might want to consider when these dates are close. But I have many people around me who aren’t exactly married or dating. Many of them are single or don’t hold onto a regular partner. Even though, many of them still plan their celebration, still consider buying gifts for a special someone. In most cases, not because they want it, but because they feel that HAVE TO.

Young, in love couples make reservations in fancy restaurants, book plane tickets to romantic spots, buy special presents. I find it awesome when that happens! But after a while, celebrating becomes a hassle in some cases. After a few years, dinner becomes the most important factor, and the presents aren’t necessarily to that one person. Many couples don’t even buy presents at all.

There are the stages in which presents are more functional than surprising. Instead of thinking about an item which will leave the partner with shortness of breath, people tend to ask for clues on what might be missing.

Instead of having dinner in an amazing place, a quiet night in with good quality food is enough. And the years go by… It’s common to meet couples who have been together for ages, but still celebrate their love. I find that awesome, and I admire the simplicity of strong marriages. After all, feeling obliged to celebrate just because a day says so isn’t celebrating at all.

Mariana Goulart

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