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New tools, old concepts

One of these days I heard a sentence that I believe resumes quite well what we’ve been going through recently. A Brazilian journalist called Miriam Leitao said at a radio station that “Brazil is still a male country, owned by white people”. Miriam was referring to the latest Brazilian elections for mayors last October. I agree with what she said, not only regarding the country’s politics, but also the reality we’ve been currently in.

The feminist waves are getting stronger and stronger, even if many of us aren’t aware of many of them. A few days ago I was talking to a work colleague, and she mentioned she was going to a town’s feminist movement meeting, and herself and some of her friends would have the movement’s symbol tattooed that afternoon.

I confess I was chocked, because it never crossed my mind that a woman who is into make-up and who knows all about fashion is a feminist. I was glad I could change the way I see them, so I won’t ever judge the people by the way the look ever again. Feminists can be feminine, and I loved the idea of not having a pattern.

Anyway, back to what Miriam said, we had the Miss Brazil pageant this month, and the winner was a stunning African-American model – the image of perfection. It was awesome to check my social media feeds to see almost everyone drooling for this woman! On the other hand, no matter how far we are from our old concepts, we are all well aware that racism still exists. Sadly!

What I have noticed is that people love complaining about everything nowadays, probably due to the social media, the easy access to the Internet, and the facility to post anything online so everyone can see. What I’ve noticed is that anything people post may become a problem. Vogue’s Paralympics campaign, the excess of compliments for our new Miss, Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgeries, actors who are for or against certain politicians… No one’s allowed to think aloud anymore, to express their own opinions, nor to live their own lives.

And how’s all this related to what Miriam said? I believe that, no matter how many tools we have at our disposal, no matter how much we could change our views about feminism, racism, corruption, sexual harassment, health issues, and many others, common sense will always return to the classic ideas, to old patterns. In the end, most of us label the Miss, the feminists, the politics… No matter how many new tools we’ve got to use, if we’re still stuck to the old ideas, they are useless.


Mariana Goulart

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