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Men x Lipsticks

Some love it, others hate it. The opinions about lipsticks and its colors is a taboo which hunts humanity for a long time now. Coloring the lips might be a polemic act in some cases. Some men don’t care about it, while others can’t help but label the women who wear lipsticks – especially if they’re red.

I believe that’s because the color has always been connected to strength and sensuality, maybe independence even – characteristics some men may see somehow threatening.

My experience tells me that, in general, most men prefer it when their partners wear lipsticks of lighter colors. On the other hand, it’s unanimous: when we see a woman with lips highlighted by red lipstick, we stare, we find her sexy, mysterious even. A red mouth is a strong sex symbol.

It’s energetic, it’s moving, and it’s outstanding. Of course some men are against it not because of its color or the reputation it implies, but simply because it might be a bit messy to kiss a woman who’s wearing lipstick.

Apart from all controversies, most women love the beauty item. Some pay expensive prices for lipsticks owned by famous brands, such as Dior or Chanel. For them, it’s worth the trouble (and I agree!).

What I think is that even with some men still against it, women will keep coloring their lips as a stylish complement to their outfit.

Maybe it’s time you left behind this idea that says red lipstick depreciates a woman’s reputation. After all, it’s not the lipstick (never mind its color) that trivializes the women, but their attitudes, and their behavior.

Mariana Goulart

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