Investing is the trend!

With the massification of communication channels in the digital world, knowledge is spreading more and more. Sometimes shallow, superficial knowledge.

In the vibe, in the mood

Like everything else in life, tendencies exist to take us, to drive us to do something. One of these days my mother asked me what was this "vibe", that she was always seeing on social networks

Planning is all you need!

Let’s face it. Planning is compulsory for many distinct activities to work - even though many of us prefer leaving it for tomorrow.

Busy, busy lives

Do you remember what you ate for lunch yesterday? Remember what you did last bank holiday? I bet you woke up early, got hurriedly dressed, grabbed a coffee to-go somewhere, and barely made it to work on time.


Have you ever heard of FOMO? Well, maybe you’ve not only heard about it, but felt it.

Minimalist attitudes

The idea of minimalism doesn’t only affect the fashion world. Lately, we have seen many minimalist behavioral manifestations, especially when we’re dealing with lifestyle, relationships and health.

New times, good old respect

New family, relationships, marriage configurations. We have been going through several transformations lately, a brand new moment in time.

A thought on August

Do you think that things are getting out of control when it comes to violence or what’s happening is that we have broader access to communication, and things are noticed more easily?

Sincerity: Do you choose by appearance or feeling?

We are in times where we can not go out saying everything we think about.

Biological clock

Life’s going fast, we all know that. People don’t have more time for many things. And even when they do have time, they enjoy saying they’re busy. It’s a thing of the moment, being busy, always in action.

Relationships: celebration or obligation?

If you’ve already understood what my point is, don’t feel guilty. But when it comes to celebrating the dates related to relationships (month anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so on), there are some distinct feelings th...

Clothes and gender

Talking about gender is mentioning a subject about which people talk all the time lately, some heatedly discuss it, sometimes overreacting. Gender freedom has been more and more accepted - and also criticized.

Stop gender prejudice

We’re going through a moment in which gender discussion is ever more heated and polemic, and not all of us feel like talking out loud about our real thoughts.

The envy of real life

The truth is that happiness may be a huge problem for people who cannot find their own way. It’s much easier wishing to have a glamorous, happy life, than actually doing something in order to reach that goal.

Technology in excess

Life online has been pretty busy – and not only relationship-wise. It seems the social media has become a huge menu – of clothing, services, supplementation and lifestyle in general, where everything is for sale.

How’s your social etiquette going?

I can assume that you probably thought we were going to talk about an old subject. But I’m not here today to speak about how you should behave in business meetings. I’m here talking about the social media.

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