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How to leave your comfort zone

You probably know what a comfort zone is. Or, at least, you have heard the expression before. Being in the comfort zone means that we stand in a place where we adopt the same kind of behaviors frequently. We do some of the things so much, that we start feeling comfortable while doing them. An example of it is the routine. We wake up at a certain time of the morning, we take a shower, have our breakfast, take the commute to work, do whatever we need to during our eight-hour-journey, and go back home. We do it automatically, because these are activities we’re used to perform.

What happens is that, in some cases, we tend to feel too comfortable. And that’s when we start trying new things, we are frozen in time, and we don’t improve - ever. And we start feeling unsatisfied, we complain about how things never change, but at the same time we do nothing different.

The thing is, once we stay for too long in our comfort zones, we tend to miss several great personal and professional opportunities. We have selected a few tips to make you go for it and conquer your goals, no matter how comfortable you feel right now.

Reasons to leave your comfort zone behind:

You probably want to know why you should leave your comfort zone behind. Well, if the aforementioned reasons aren’t enough, here are a few more.

First, it’s important to highlight that the comfort zone represents a psychological barrier that stops us from challenging ourselves. Basically, standing at the same spot for too long means you’re reducing your chances to do better at something.

It’s as if there was a voice in your head telling you it’s too risky, that you’re not capable, that a given purpose or situation is too hard for your standards.

Therefore, safety is an illusion, and successful people know that. Once you leave your comfort zone, you give yourself the chance to try something new, to make incredible things. Of course you can, in fact, feel good about how things are at work or at home, about your physical shape or your mental health. And that’s awesome!

But the thing is: if you want to go somewhere else, and do things most people don’t, you’ll have to do push yourself. It’s hard work, but totally worth it.

Not everyone is the same

The strength of the blocking created by the comfort zone varies from person to person. And each of us deal with that differently. Some people are great when it comes to giving public speeches, whereas some panic just to think about it.

But hey, calm down. Not everything is lost when it comes to reaching your goals. The good new is that the power is within yourself, and the responsibility of leaving the comfort zone is entirely yours.

How to get over your comfort zone

The first step to leave your comfort zone behind is to stop and analyze your life for a moment. Identify the areas with which you are satisfied, and the ones that need improvement and/or a first step. Write anything that pops into your mind.

After drawing this map, all you got to do is start. Go for it. You’ll notice that, once you leave your comfort zone, things might get a little unfamiliar, but you kind feel the rush, too. Soon, you’ll feel more confident, motivated. And before you notice, you’ll be working in full speed towards your personal and professional success.

Leaving your comfort zone isn’t that easy, but once you do it, you’ll understand why you read this article in the first place.

These tips might be helpful:

Take the first step

This is what makes successful people different from unsuccessful people. They go for it, they have initiative, they know they can evolve, grow and learn new skills all the time. Never be afraid of trying new things. Be brave and take the first step.

Do something you always wanted to do, but never did

That’s quite a self-explainable item. Do it differently from what you usually do. Discover new abilities, meet new people, take distinct paths, face the unknown. You can start with simple tasks, such as learning to play a musical instrument, speaking another language, writing a blog or going for walks on a daily basis. Then, just keep moving forward.

Disconnect for a few days

Forget the TV, the smartphone and the social media. Spend some of that time looking at yourself and your needs. What would you like to learn or do? Put something new into practice, meet an old friend for a coffee, do the things that need to be done, check them out from your list.

These are only some ideas of what you can do to leave your comfort zone, but of course it all depends on your determination. It’s not an easy task, but I can guarantee you it’s totally worth it!

Luiz Filipe de Melo

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