How to find motivation while training

Having clear goals and being supported by a professional are some tips that can keep you motivated while you exercise.

Fitness Trends 2018

Know the fitness trends 2018

A letter to the reader!

I’m writing this letter because I can’t take this anymore, our relationship. This relationship we have started much before you were born, and will keep going until you die. And that’s why we need to talk.

The disadvantages of collective classes

Every year trends related to physical activities are projected for the following months. For 2018, one of these trends are the collective classes. But the question we ask about that is: are these classes good for me?

Which’s the best exercise for me?

Is there an activity ideal for all? We all ask that question before we start exercising. Some already have some experience when it comes to exercising, but are still confused with the information available out there.

To lose weight, follow these habits

Healthy eating habits, physical activity, and improved lifestyle. This triad is almost a cliché among specialists. Therefore, the obvious matter that needs discussing is: why so many of us can’t loose our extra pounds?

Health goes beyond aesthetics

Many people come to us and ask: What should I do to have a beach body? Our answer to that is quite straightforward: have a body, go to the beach! You need to follow routines that make you happy.

Keep active during the holidays

We know you want to enjoy the holiday parties, and you’re entitled to that. But you also don’t want to throw in the bin all the work you’ve done during the year. In order not to regret later, keep focused, and move!

Go outdoors!

We are moved by new adventures, so maybe it’s about time we tried new ways of exercising outdoors. Together, let’s get to know a bit more about three sports that could easily be practiced by using what the nature has to...


In this text we have listed some of the best benefits riding a bike can offer, and we’re sure you’ll soon be convinced it is worth it leaving the car parked and going to work on your bicycle sometimes (or always).

Get awesome results in 15 minutes

If you still believe that, in order to reach your exercising goals, you need to spend over an hour a day at the gym, please read this text until the end and be surprised by Science’s recent discoveries.

Lack of time is no excuse

The biggest problem is the current model prescribed by personal trainers everywhere, usually based in the ‘the more, the merrier’ idea, making training sessions too extensive and sometimes incoherent.

Athletes pose naked for ESPN

Every year ESPN launches a special edition magazine called 'the Body Issue'. In it, you see sports stars doing what they usually do: playing, swimming, surfing, running... But with a difference - they're all naked.

Physical activity after 40s

The quest for health and for quality of life don´t have a life span. Even for those who have been real couch potatoes their whole life. If you start exercising today, you are the one who gets to win, and your body will t...

Pilates for men

Men have this fixed idea that we should always be pushing ourselves to the extreme in order to own muscles of steel. That is our biggest mistake! Even because Pilates, for example, might be as heavy and hard as any stren...

Gene Doping

In dopings in general the athlete ingests substances such as stimulants, ephedrine, amphetamines, narcotics, anabolic steroids and peptide hormones which increase the performance. But what is gene doping after all?

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