Women who are witches are worse than the ones from Bahia, they charm you, and you can never get out. Only if there’s too much crying involved, or by taking a herbal bath.


It’s Spring in Miami. The birds are noisy as hell. It’s time to make love, time for being happy and enjoying the light and the heat.

Words adapted

Words adapted by me when someone asked me if there was a recipe for living. Do you think there is?

Bottles Club

Elis used to wake up tuned. It didn’t matter what time we went to bed at, what we had done previously, party or no party, she woke up tuned.

Between loves

At a given night years ago, we discussed which is more charming – the lonely man or the lonely woman. The subject turned into a discussion about consensual loneliness, when you decide you want to be alone.


We are slaves of cellphones, computers, messages, meetings, appointments, always late even without knowing or noticing that hours go by, to make us older and cruelly show the inutility of rushing by.

Crafts of love

At night, take care of your lover’s dream, do not allow nightmares to come closer to her, nor fears. In order to do that, just pay attention, hug her tightly, whisper love words in her ear.


Vinícius’ poems, French music, tiny messages on scented paper, even an attempt at a poorly rhymed and poorly written poem. Love stuff, would say the closest friends and the poker group. “That’s madness!”


It happened. After the break-up the house by the lake seemed totally different. It was no longer the safe place, nor the result of a project I had created to live the great love.

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