Always get to work.

To overcome difficult situations, faith is required, but attitude is indispensable. There is no point in wanting to win the lottery without even buying the ticket.

"Do not confuse realism and pessimism"

We live in a time of unstable economy, and great changes in the corporate environment, in this scenario optimism becomes a virtue capable of motivating and bringing more confidence to co-workers.

Work for knowledge

Before accepting any position, make sure it is aligned with your objectives and that it will be valuable to you on this path, offering specific knowledge.

Thinking you know isn’t knowing

Decision-making is never an easy process - no matter if we’re talking about personal matters or professional ones. Whenever you’re deciding, a series of factors and information are considered. Or, at least, that’s how we...

“Do you want anything? Ask it for a busy man”

If there’s something we learn during our entrepreneurial journey is that some people have more energy than others, and owners of such profile tend to be moving all the time, in a constant search for new opportunities and...

There’s no planning in your head.

If you have a goal you wish to reach rapidly and efficiently, the best resource is planning. With that, you have a clearer, ampler vision in order to make a decision.

Walk through different paths

To remain in the comfort zone is much easier than risking ourselves out there. The unknown may be scary, but if we want different results, we need to start thinking out of the box.

Dare a little

Sometimes we miss great opportunities simply because we’re afraid of trying something new. Remember: temptations and chances may cross your path once only, and that’s why we should always seize the moment.

Make people value you

In most cases, the things people get for free isn’t as valuable as the things they need to pay to obtain - even if it’s a symbolic price. Aleksandr Mandic says that, in the business world, nothing should be totally free...

Don’t lie if your memory sucks

A lie requires another one, an excuse needs another detail added to it, and when you realize, the tale is huge and you can’t remember correctly.

Don’t be faithful to suppliers

If you don’t question, believe in everything they say, and maintain the same suppliers’ list for too long, chances are you’ll end up being played with at some point.

Don’t be a know-it-all

“Don’t put all the eggs in the same basket”, some people say. And they are correct. Just be sure that you’re not stepping on unknown soil when you do business.

Stop passing on the blame

As soon as something goes wrong, there’s always someone to point fingers and pass on the blame. The thing is, mistakes are collective achievements, we must never give someone away when things get out of hand.

Not knowing is better sometimes

Gather all the remaining, put it in a big recipient, mix it up a bit, add a bit of syrup, then some conservatives… and if a hair falls off in the middle, no one will see it. In many cases, not knowing is the best we can...

Business and friends don’t mix

Blood isn’t always thicker than water. Friends and family might as well be awesome people for a bunch of occasions, but when it comes to your job, the best is to treat them as if they were someone else completely.

Play with the cards you’re given

Life is full of surprises, and we can’t control everything around us - even though some of us keep trying. The truth is that things happen. Good and bad. The secret lies in knowing how to play with what we’re offered.

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