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Mistakes to avoid during a wine tasting

If you appreciate good quality wine, pay attention to the list we’re bringing below. We’re talking about the 7 most common mistakes people make when tasting wine. Check them out:

Buying it by the label

Before anything else, never judge a book by its cover. And that’s also true when it comes to wine and labels. When picking a new bottle, don’t buy it because the label is beautiful.

I have seen amazing bottles guarding terrible wine. The label is useful only when it comes to collecting relevant information about the grapes, the year it was produced, the wineyard it comes from, as well as other characteristics and qualities.

Having it too cold

It doesn’t matter if you live somewhere where the weather is tropical, hot. Never cool your wine too much. If the temperature is too low, the drink loses its original characteristics.

Temperature also depends on the type of wine you’re having. Some varieties, such as the sparkling and the rosés, and even some of the white ones, can actually be appreciated in lower temperatures. Therefore, I have seen people tasting great red wine in temperatures that were way away from the ideal.

In order for you to feel the different and actually understand what I’m talking about, take a test. Grab a cold wine glass, try the wine, and leave it aside for a bit. Once the temperature has increased, take another sip. You’ll probably notice that, once the drink isn’t that cold anymore, its aromas and flavors are stronger.

Hold the glass correctly

Many of you are already aware of this rule, but it’s never a bad reminder. A wine glass has a steam just so that you don’t hold it by its bulge. The reason for that is that your hands transmit heat, and if you hold it by the bulge, you’ll probably alter the temperature of the drink, consequently altering your tasting experience.

Of course, all rules have an exception. If you notice the wine might be losing important characteristics for being cooler than what’s considered ideal, you can actually hold the glass by the bulge in order to heat it a little bit. Now, if your goal is to appreciate the drink just as it was served, always hold the glass by the steam.

Don’t fill the glass all the way up

Wine is not beer. When serving it, watch it so you won’t pour it until the glass is full. That makes the wine glass heavier, and will certainly interfere in your tasting experience. The ideal is to serve about 150 ml, or about ⅔ of the glass.

Never rush

Tasting wine is a process, so you musn’t be in a hurry while doing it. If you’re thirsty, have some water first. Having some water near you is actually really good, once it keeps you hydrated and also cleanse your taste buds before you take the next sip.

Don’t always have the same wine

Among the recommended practices of wine lovers, is label variation. After all, there are currently about 6 millions options out there, each of the with their own characteristics and flavors. Increase your knowledge and experience by trying something new once in a while. Try distinct grapes, regions, and ageing processes.

Apps may be of good help if you want to get more information about different types of wine.

Don’t follow the rules of harmonization

Here’s a controversial tip. There are, of course, some classic harmonization rules when it comes to combining wine and food. But rules are also made to be broken, and you can be positively surprised once you do it.

Try different combinations, and you’ll soon find new flavors. You’re the one who determines what’s good, after all!

Luiz Filipe de Melo

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