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South America’s best wine

Appreciating good-quality wine, with unparalleled flavor and aroma, is a unique experience, no matter the moment. It’s not by chance that most of us are in love with wine. We can in fact observe that it’s a practice which comes a long way, making the drink one of the world’s most widely consumed.

Here in Bella Club, we appreciate a good wine talk. We have inclusively published several articles regarding the theme: the passion on the aromas, the correct bottle storage, specific qualities and others. Now it’s about time we talked about a guide called “Descorchados”, released by the Chilean expert Patricio Tapia, reaching its 20th edition with over 3.000 wine types considered.

When the guide started, Tapia used to analyze only local labels, and little by little he started incorporating international ones to his portfolio, such as the ones produced in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

In this year’s edition, published by the Inner Group, he even analyzed the rare Orange Wine, a style still unknown for many consumers. It’s nothing but a white wine fermented as a red wine. And it was specially due to that the it got the highest score among the country’s production.

With 1.200 pages, the guide is about to become much more than that. Its content has transformed into a real encyclopedia, listing the four country’s best wine of all. As a comparison, the famous Pocket Wine Book, by Hugh Johnson, which considers wine from all over the world, has 338 pages in its 2018 version.

Anyway, shall we go to what really matters?! Here is the list of the best wine according to this splendid guide:


Brazilian Sparkling

● Orus Silvia Special Edition 1972 Nature Rosé Clair NV – by Adolfo Lona (93 points)

● Sur Lie Natura 30 Months Chardonnay, Pinot Noir NV – by Casa Valduga (93 points)

Brazilian White

● Pizzato 1.3 Semillon 2017 – by Pizzato (92 points)

● Luiz Argenta Cave 8 Years Chardonnay 2010 – by Luiz Argenta (92 points)

Brazilian Red

● Miolo Single Vineyards Touriga 2017 – by Miolo Wine Group (93 points)

● Vinhas Velhas Tannat 2015 – by Miolo Wine Group (93 points)

Brazilian Orange Wine

● Era dos Ventos Peverella 2014 - by Era dos Ventos (94 points)

Chilean Sparkling

● Chardonnay, Pinot Noir NV - by Morandé (94 points)

Chilean White

● Las Pizarras Chardonnay 2016 – by Errázuriz (97 points)

● Talinay Sauvignon Blanc 2017 – by Tabalí (97 points)

Chilean Red

● RHU 201 – by Viñedos de Alcohuaz (98 points)

● Chadwick 2015 – by Viñedo Chadwick (98 points)

Argentinian Sparkling

● Ayni Nature Sparkling Wine Pinot Noir N/V - by Chakana (94 points)

● Baron B Brut Rosé 2014 – by Chandon (94 points)

Argentinian White

● Adrianna Vineyard White Bones – by Catena Zapata (97 points)

Argentinian Red

● Seminare Malbec 2016 - by Gen del Alma (99 points)

Uruguayan Sparkling

● Bodegas Carrau Dixième Brut Nature Chardonnay NV - by Bodegas Carrau (92 points)

● Pizzorno Rosé Brut Nature Pinot Noir 2016 - by Pizzorno Family Estates (92 points)

Uruguayan White

● Single Vineyard Albariño 2017 – by Bodega Garzón (93 points)

Uruguayan Red

● Deicas Valle de los Manantiales Tannat 2016 – by Bodega Familia Deicas (95 points)

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