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Top 5: The list of the best cachaças sold in Brazil

that. Brazilians really enjoy having their share of quality cachaça. You may not be aware of it, but the distilled is so intrinsic to the country’s culture, that has its own national day: September 13th.

As you may have already noticed in specialized websites or even supermarket shelves, the price of a good quality cachaça has increased considerably in the past few years, and that is due to the fact that the drink’s been gaining the status of “fancy drink”, with many people replacing wine and cheese by it.

Another curious fact is that the cachaça is no longer especially dedicated to the male drinkers, and has been ever more present in the female palate. Women have been consuming it more and more, and the market has even created special versions to the ladies - but that’s a subject to a different post.

Bella Club now brings a list of 5 brands you definitely shouldn’t leave behind:

5 - Cachaça Armazém Vieira - Ônix

It’s a real pleasure to start the listing with a cachaça made in Florianopolis, just a few meters down from our office in the city. Without a doubt, the brand occupies a special place among my favorite ones. The wood used as base for the barrels that keep all of Armazém Vieira’s cachaças is the Ariribá Grápia. This distilled follows fermentation and distillation processes traditional from the 18th Century, with an alcoholic graduation of 40%, and aging time of 16 years.

Bottle: 750 ml

Price: R$ 350 ~ 500

4 -  Cachaça Anísio Santiago - A Lenda

Anísio Santiago, the creator of Cachaça Havana, who was killed in 2002, got a cachaça on his name. He was a real legend among the drinkers, and many people confuse Cachaça Havana with A Lenda, but they are distinct, as you can see on the labels and also on the taste.

Bottle: 600 ml.

Price: R$ 350 ~ 500

3 -  Cachaça Havana

Some sommeliers tend to say that this is the country’s best cachaça, and without a doubt it is part of the select group of precursors of the valorization of handmade cachaça worldwide. Produced in Salinas, in the state of Minas Gerais, this cachaça was responsible for bringing to the region the title of Brazilian Capital City of Cachaça. Aged for 12 years in balsam barrels, it delivers a peculiar, special taste.

Bottle: 600 ml.

Price: $ 450 ~ 600.

2 - Cachaça Vale Verde - Gift Edition - 12 years

This brand is internationally known by its distilled drinks, and comes second on our podium for a reason. Aged for 12 years in oak barrels, this cachaça has alcoholic graduation of 40% and was elected Brazil’s best cachaça back in 2014.

Bottle: 700 ml.

Price: R$ 599 ~ R$ 1049.

1 - Cachaça Vale Verde - Special Edition - 18 years

This is one of the country’s most awarded cachaças. The Vale Verde special edition spends 18 years aging in oak barrels, and has alcoholic graduation of 40%. It’s the most valuable distilled drink produced by Vale Verde.

Bottle: 700 ml.

Price: R$ 2500 ~ 3704.

I hope you appreciate our selection, and feel free to share your opinion with us. If you would like to keep informed about all of our content, please leave your e-mail address below to get our weekly newsletters.

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