5 Facts About Wine

The winter is just around the corner and  wine season is tagging along. Nothing better than relaxing with a glass after a hard day's work, special dinner or happy hour.

Mistakes to avoid during a wine tasting

If you appreciate good quality wine, pay attention to the list we’re bringing below. We’re talking about the 7 most common mistakes people make when tasting wine. Check them out:

Wine are cheaper in 2019

If you, like me, enjoy a good bottle of wine, you’ll probably happy with the news I bring: prices are probably getting cheaper this year.

Best wine for your Christmas dinner

In order not to ruin the moment, it’s quite smart to be able to pick the right wine for the festivities.

The perfect cheese-and-wine combos

Cheese and wine are a combination made in heaven. It is really difficult to find a person who doesn’t appreciate the traditionally Italian drink, popular around the world, especially when served with some quality cheese.

How many glasses of wine are there in a bottle?

Your planning a dinner with your family or friends, maybe even preparing the list for a party, when this comes up: How many glasses of wine are there in a bottle?

South America’s best wine

According to the guide "Descorchados" (or uncorked, in literal translation), which was launched by Chilean critic Patricio Tapia, who arrives at his 20th edition with more than 3,000 wines tasted.

Craft Beers

Consulte a continuación las 5 mejores cervezas artesanales que se venden en el país, según los especialistas.

Top 5: The list of the best cachaças sold in Brazil

Cachaça is part of the Brazilian culture, and there’s a reason for that. Brazilians really enjoy having their share of quality cachaça.

White wine varieties

There are many different types of white wine, each with their own characteristic flavors and aromas. White wines tend to be lighter, sweeter, and less alcoholic than red wines.

Red wine varieties

With hundreds of varieties of red wine grapes, there is as much red wine information to learn about as there are red grapes planted in all corners of the globe. For a quick and easy red wine 101, the following will fit t...

The world’s most expensive wine

For the rich ones, the Wine Searcher website has recently released a list of the world’s 50 most expensive wine. At the top of that list we find a Burgundy which costs over 15.000 dollars a bottle.

Wines with altitude

We’ve all heard winemakers and salespeople proclaim certain bottles to be unique thanks to their “spectacular, high elevation” vineyard sites, but what exactly does “high elevation” mean when it comes to finished wine?

A walk through California's vineyards

‘Sideways’ is about the lives of two 40-somethings with contrary personalities who go on a trip to Santa Barbara’s vineyards. The movie presents a great panoramic of the American crops.

Sherry wine decoded

Sherry, for ages one of the most tradition-bound, staid and ignored wines in the world, is surging in popularity. A new generation of wine drinkers is embracing this idiosyncratic, fortified product from Spain’s deep sou...

The world’s best wine

It seems that everything needs to have a best, a biggest, or a #1. Currently there are competitions for practically everything, and when it comes to wine, it’s not any different. But is it that important to know that?

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