To travel, to surf, to preserve

Surf lovers are always discovering new places, secret spots, an unexpected beach… In today’s text we’re indicating some of the beaches which were considered WSR (World Surfing Reserves).

Madeira, in the immensity of the Atlantic

This Portuguese archipelago offers a structure perfectly conditioned to travelers of all kinds: from the ones who prefer to stay away from all the noise, to those who are willing to give up all luxuries and amenities.

Nocturnal light baths

In the South of Brazil, it is possible to observe bioluminescence, one of nature’s most spectacular views. For those who are lucky to travel the world, there are still many other options from where it is possible to obse...

Lapland: straight to the Aurora Borealis

The last years have been wonderful to see the Aurora Borealis. The solar activity is in its peak, and generates geomagnetic reactions that form the beautiful view. It’s possible to see Aurora Borealis in Finland’s Northw...

Easter Island: a mystery in the Pacific

This triangular island is a real treat to our eyes – but especially to our deepest senses. It is clearly visible, before landing, that we are arriving in a very special place, an amazing spot for the most adventurous.

Lanzarote: the island of volcanoes

Even though all the islands in the Canaries are beautiful, Lanzarote deserves a special highlight due to its volcanic composition. If you love the sea, this is the place for you!

Wandering around Madrid

There are many theories about the name of the capital of Spain, even though almost no one doubts it were the Arabians who chose it: ´Magerit´ represented the city´s subterranean waters.

The mountains of Rajhastan

A few years ago we decided to go on a trip to Rajhastan, region in the North of India, land of Maharajas, who dominated large extensions of land and represented the highest aristocracy, always well respected by its peopl...

The Big Island of Chiloé

Visitors who lament the supposed cultural homogeneity of Chile obviously haven´t been to the misty, verdant archipelago of Chiloé. This group of islands escaped much of the conforming influence of Santiago and the coloni...


Even though it is a well-known destination for the European, for those who come from other continents it is a huge mystery, and for those who are willing to kill their curiosity, a destination they won´t be able to forge...

Costa Rica

In the heart of Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, is a paradise full of natural parks and exciting beaches: Costa Rica. The ticos, as its inhabitants are known, carry a popular expression at the tip of their...


Originally Prathet Thai, Thailand is a place where history and paradisiacal places merge into a geography surrounded by other interesting countries, such as Laos, Myanmar, Camboja and Malasya, and consequently by several...


In case you have some extra time and is willing to enjoy more of it, other visits around the area may include Essaouira and Agadir – beautiful coastal towns, especially the first one, for being smaller and quieter.


Nothing better than to start from the Boquería Mercat. The market offers a combination of colors, aromas and flavors. Try a bread with tomate which they call pa amb tomaca and see what I am talking about.

The jewel of the Andes

The eternal Imperial town which rests over 3.400 meters high challenges time and solemnity. Undoubtless, an incredible experience on the threshold of Machu Picchu, the sanctuary of travelers coming from all over the worl...

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