Since the world is still alive...

People are saying it is a new phase, that a new ideal was born. I don´t believe that. Each day is a chance to start over and realize we do not have to wait for the end of the world, the year or the month in order to star...

May it last until it lasts

Would there be a perfect one for you in a six-billion people world? I believe there may be and there may not be. We all want someone to spend our lives with. People want someone who makes their heart skip a beat.

Needy me!

Needy! This word is responsible for lots of trouble in the relationships´ world nowadays. Why is that, I ask? I guess it is all due to the simple fact that many people try to feed their own needs by using other people.

Sex, love and respect

I have always heard that the gentleman attitudes are far from this world. I hear people saying that this gentleness concept which makes men open the car door to the lady, for example, has become rare nowadays. But how ab...

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