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I have always liked adventures

I have always liked adventures, I guess I have even mentioned it before around here. That’s why I’d like to share this experience with you.

During a hot night of full moon, I wore short skirts and heels. On that day, I went out with some of my friends, we went to a famous pub in town, had some to drink, talked, had fun.

When I have one too many, I get turned on a little. So I grabbed my phone, went to the toilet, took my underwear off (a black, laced one). I then took a photo and sent it to Eduardo. We had been going out for some time, and I was surprised at every new date. They were all amazing, with new stories, laughing, cuddling… His hands were expert on leaving me breathless, as well as his strong voice and tanned skin.

After a while, I noticed he got the message. That was when I sent the following text: “Crazy to feel your mouth all over my body!” That was enough to make me wet, and him to get there in 15 minutes.

I had another drink, danced a few songs with my girls, until I get a text from him, saying he was there. I got into his car, he kissed my neck, pulling my shirt off, feeling the smell of my body, before he said:

  • I thought it would be a good idea if we did something different tonight.

I was curious at the same time, which made me hotter and hotter.

He then drove up to the lake, where there’s also a beautiful square. Since it was already late at night, there was no one there - apparently, at least. We stopped the car somewhere dark and silent. Eduardo was an older man, grabbed me with all his willing, and I simply loved that!

As soon as he turned the car off, I slowly took his shirt off, checking his chest under the moonlight. He kissed me on the mouth, slowly going down to my breasts, taking my breath away. That was when I said:

  • I’d love if we had sex on the hood of the car!

  • Oh, really…

He left the car, opened the passenger’s door for me, held me up - that was when my breasts were straight into his face. He didn’t hesitate before kissing and licking them all over again. He placed me on the hood, licking my body, until he made me come. I wanted more, of course.

He put on his condom at the same time that I observed his hard dick which would soon be inside me. He slowly placed it inside me, little by little increasing the intensity of his movements.

With one of his hands, he touched me. The other held my hips, getting us closer together. We suddenly heard a noise, and unfortunately had to take a break. We walked towards the trees, trying not to make much noise. Eduardo then said:

  • If anyone sees us here without our clothes on, the whole town is going to know about it before daylight.

We observed the area, until we found out it was only a cat looking for food. When I realized that, I started laughing out loud. Nervous, he covered my mouth, saying that I should be quiet just like he had told me. I had misbehaved...

That was when he turned me around, and opened my legs from behind. While he touched my pussy with his hand, he also kissed all over my back. I could barely stand, so hot I felt.

It was my turn to pull his hair, bringing him closer to me, until we were kissing again - intensely. I wanted to feel him come inside me.

He grabbed me once again, putting it in there, kissing me on the neck, caressing my breasts, his breathing intense… We climaxed together, the two of us! I was crazy about him and the way he touched me and made me feel. He definitely knew how to make me dream while I was awake...


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