The best party was not on the boat

It all started on a hot summer morning, I had received an invitation to a birthday party, detail, on a boat, was excited.

Enjoyable farm holidays

I don't think I told you here, but despite looking like a woman who has always lived in the city, among many people, cars and buildings, I spent a good part of my teens on the farm in a small country town.

A different affection.

Finally Friday came, I had arranged a few light-hearted meetings with some of my friends. I decided to dress up at a friend's house, took a shower, dried my hair and put on some white lingerie, put on the most fragrant o...

A stranger in the mall

It was a Thursday afternoon, June. The day had begun cold and cloudy, but gradually it got sunny.

An irrecusable invitation

Cezar was a tall man. He kept bearded most of the time, with a mysterious look and a slightly sexy smile.

Hot night out with the cousin

It was all set that week. My cousin and I would travel to a city nearby. She wanted to meet a guy with whom she had been talking online for a while, and we would all go to a party. Of course I wouldn’t want to miss that...

I have always liked adventures

I have always liked adventures, I guess I have even mentioned it before around here. That’s why I’d like to share this experience with you.

A distinct chemistry

A few weeks ago, I met a very interesting man. When we were together, the chemistry was different. I had even shared a few of my sexual desires with him. Among them, taking part in a threesome with another woman.

The best trekking I didn’t do

It was a hot summer Saturday, a gorgeous day! I got out of bed filled with energy, feeling radiant. Had a cool, slow shower, calmly using the soap, all over my totally tanned body.

Men and games: winning or losing?

The room went silent. She took her white dress off, revealing a sexy lingerie under it, covering her angel skin. Her panties were tiny, the tights were thin, the bra was tight, barely covering her voluptuous breasts.

Dinner was never so good

Had to go to Sao Paulo last week for a meeting with a new editor (old friend) and he ended up putting me on the worse situation ever! Made me go out to dinner with a friend of his - recently divorced, beyond depressed!

Something hot, somewhere cold

A short vacation in Vale Nevado (Chile´s Snow Valley). Nothing like a few days of holiday from my dolce far niente here in southern Brazil paradise to have some fun somewhere else. I traveled alone, as I almost always do...

In a strip club

So... New Year in Hawaii. Brilliant idea!! Except for the fact that I decided meeting a guy there... a guy from Alaska, that I had met in Bahia. Well, the strange element in this is not that he lives in Alaska, certainly...

At ease, soldier!

Ever since I came to Floripa, for Junior High, me and my best friend Denise cultivated a tradition: sitting on a bench at the main road, by the sea, to see the soldiers jogging - the Jogging GI-Joes.

A more than relaxing massage

It was the typical waking-up-with-the-wrong-foot day. First of all, it was raining cats and dogs. Then, I was late and couldn´t even have a decent breakfast. Went straight to the shower and slipped, which made me feel li...

Going shopping

I was in need of some new clothes and as my friends all have to work, I went to the mall on my own. Wandered around window shopping until I finally saw something which was interesting in one of these nice department stor...

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