Jet Set This is the yacht produced by Bugatti The Niniette 66 was born from the partnership between Palmer Johnson and Bugatti. Fashion Put your socks to show! Socks have suddenly gained such an important status in the male closet, that we cannot deny their aesthetic contribution upon the choosing of a look. It’s something like picking the socks before anything else. Jet Set Meet the new Bugatti’s Famous for releasing potent vehicles, Bugatti has presented to the audience its new car, Divo. What Women Want A thought on August Do you think that things are getting out of control when it comes to violence or what’s happening is that we have broader access to communication, and things are noticed more easily? Fashion Tips on male fashion If there's something most people enjoy doing is shopping for clothes. Some are more patient than others, and there are those who never try anything on them, but take the item home nonetheless. Some of us even have a mont... Jet Set Harley-Davidson releases electric motorbike in 2019 Harley-Davidson has recently revealed its new brand strategy. What Women Want Sincerity: Do you choose by appearance or feeling? We are in times where we can not go out saying everything we think about. Fashion Tapered trousers: a men's fashion must-have One of the key items in men's clothing has been highlighted on the last seasons, and appeared ever more modern. Sommelier South America’s best wine According to the guide "Descorchados" (or uncorked, in literal translation), which was launched by Chilean critic Patricio Tapia, who arrives at his 20th edition with more than 3,000 wines tasted. Jet Set The world’s most expensive motorcycle Bucherer, a watch and jewelery brand, appeared in partnership with the Bündnerbike, a Harley-Davidson Blue Edition. What Women Want Biological clock Life’s going fast, we all know that. People don’t have more time for many things. And even when they do have time, they enjoy saying they’re busy. It’s a thing of the moment, being busy, always in action. Personal Trainer Fitness Trends 2018 Know the fitness trends 2018 Fashion When checked is trending Repaginated, checked is currently the trendiest style, appearing more modern, with a mixture of the classical elements with distinct details, causing an amazing upgrade. Sommelier Craft Beers Consulte a continuación las 5 mejores cervezas artesanales que se venden en el país, según los especialistas. What Women Want Relationships: celebration or obligation? If you’ve already understood what my point is, don’t feel guilty. But when it comes to celebrating the dates related to relationships (month anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so on), there are some distinct feelings th... Personal Trainer A letter to the reader! I’m writing this letter because I can’t take this anymore, our relationship. This relationship we have started much before you were born, and will keep going until you die. And that’s why we need to talk.

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