Jet Set The most expensive bike in history Bucherer, a watch and jewelery brand, appeared in partnership with the Bündnerbike, a Harley-Davidson Blue Edition. What Women Want Biological clock Life’s going fast, we all know that. People don’t have more time for many things. And even when they do have time, they enjoy saying they’re busy. It’s a thing of the moment, being busy, always in action. Personal Trainer Fitness Trends 2018 Know the fitness trends 2018 Fashion When checked is trending Repaginated, checked is currently the trendiest style, appearing more modern, with a mixture of the classical elements with distinct details, causing an amazing upgrade. Sommelier Craft Beers Consulte a continuación las 5 mejores cervezas artesanales que se venden en el país, según los especialistas. What Women Want Relationships: celebration or obligation? If you’ve already understood what my point is, don’t feel guilty. But when it comes to celebrating the dates related to relationships (month anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so on), there are some distinct feelings th... Personal Trainer A letter to the reader! I’m writing this letter because I can’t take this anymore, our relationship. This relationship we have started much before you were born, and will keep going until you die. And that’s why we need to talk. Mantips There’s no planning in your head. If you have a goal you wish to reach rapidly and efficiently, the best resource is planning. With that, you have a clearer, ampler vision in order to make a decision. What Women Want Clothes and gender Talking about gender is mentioning a subject about which people talk all the time lately, some heatedly discuss it, sometimes overreacting. Gender freedom has been more and more accepted - and also criticized. Sommelier Top 5: The list of the best cachaças sold in Brazil Cachaça is part of the Brazilian culture, and there’s a reason for that. Brazilians really enjoy having their share of quality cachaça. Fashion Winter looks Once the temperatures start changing, it’s time to think about repaginating your looks. We know it’s not even summer there yet, but we’ve organized this article in order to get you ready for the winter to come. Max around the world Witches Women who are witches are worse than the ones from Bahia, they charm you, and you can never get out. Only if there’s too much crying involved, or by taking a herbal bath. Mantips Walk through different paths To remain in the comfort zone is much easier than risking ourselves out there. The unknown may be scary, but if we want different results, we need to start thinking out of the box. Dating How to end a relationship We’re sharing a few basic tips to encourage you to put and end to your relationship in case you’ve decided this is the best way to go right now. Max around the world Chroniclove It’s Spring in Miami. The birds are noisy as hell. It’s time to make love, time for being happy and enjoying the light and the heat. Mantips Dare a little Sometimes we miss great opportunities simply because we’re afraid of trying something new. Remember: temptations and chances may cross your path once only, and that’s why we should always seize the moment.

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