Jet Set Highlights of the 2018 Brazilian Motor Show If you are wondering what Sao Paulo’s motor show is presenting this year, you can’t ignore this post, with the event’s main highlights. Sommelier The perfect cheese-and-wine combos Cheese and wine are a combination made in heaven. It is really difficult to find a person who doesn’t appreciate the traditionally Italian drink, popular around the world, especially when served with some quality cheese. Fashion Holiday season feelings It’s November all over again, and suddenly we all catch ourselves talking holidays, presents, and parties. The change of season is also a good reason to renew part of our closets with the latest fashion trends. Sommelier How many glasses of wine are there in a bottle? Your planning a dinner with your family or friends, maybe even preparing the list for a party, when this comes up: How many glasses of wine are there in a bottle? Jet Set What do you know about cigars? The history of cigars is related to the use of tobacco, and the first people to actually cultivate the plant were the Mayans from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, and also in some portions of Central America. Dating Tips: flirting strategies To help you out in this challenge, we’ve got some seduction strategies that can change your dallying’s luck. Check out below: Mantips “Do you want anything? Ask it for a busy man” If there’s something we learn during our entrepreneurial journey is that some people have more energy than others, and owners of such profile tend to be moving all the time, in a constant search for new opportunities and... What Women Want New times, good old respect New family, relationships, marriage configurations. We have been going through several transformations lately, a brand new moment in time. Jet Set This is the yacht produced by Bugatti The Niniette 66 was born from the partnership between Palmer Johnson and Bugatti. Fashion Put your socks to show! Socks have suddenly gained such an important status in the male closet, that we cannot deny their aesthetic contribution upon the choosing of a look. It’s something like picking the socks before anything else. Jet Set Meet the new Bugatti’s Famous for releasing potent vehicles, Bugatti has presented to the audience its new car, Divo. What Women Want A thought on August Do you think that things are getting out of control when it comes to violence or what’s happening is that we have broader access to communication, and things are noticed more easily? Fashion Tips on male fashion If there's something most people enjoy doing is shopping for clothes. Some are more patient than others, and there are those who never try anything on them, but take the item home nonetheless. Some of us even have a mont... Jet Set Harley-Davidson releases electric motorbike in 2019 Harley-Davidson has recently revealed its new brand strategy. What Women Want Sincerity: Do you choose by appearance or feeling? We are in times where we can not go out saying everything we think about. Fashion Tapered trousers: a men's fashion must-have One of the key items in men's clothing has been highlighted on the last seasons, and appeared ever more modern.

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