What Women Want In the vibe, in the mood Like everything else in life, tendencies exist to take us, to drive us to do something. One of these days my mother asked me what was this "vibe", that she was always seeing on social networks Jet Set Train your brain to be more productive We think our life is being guided by our heart when the true protagonist is, in fact, our brain. It the is without a doubt most powerful organ and the one that arouses the most curiosity in the human body. It's been c... Mantips Work for knowledge Before accepting any position, make sure it is aligned with your objectives and that it will be valuable to you on this path, offering specific knowledge. Stephany Hot night out with the cousin It was all set that week. My cousin and I would travel to a city nearby. She wanted to meet a guy with whom she had been talking online for a while, and we would all go to a party. Of course I wouldn’t want to miss that... Jet Set Porsche Introduces 911 Speedster Launched in New York, the sports car has its production limited to 1.948 units, and should be available worldwide still in 2019. Fashion Fashion and its natural trends Among the great behavioral trends for the next few years, with a direct reflection on the consumption market, is the desire to revisit the past and bring back the best we have ever lived. Stephany I have always liked adventures I have always liked adventures, I guess I have even mentioned it before around here. That’s why I’d like to share this experience with you. Mantips Thinking you know isn’t knowing Decision-making is never an easy process - no matter if we’re talking about personal matters or professional ones. Whenever you’re deciding, a series of factors and information are considered. Or, at least, that’s how we... What Women Want Planning is all you need! Let’s face it. Planning is compulsory for many distinct activities to work - even though many of us prefer leaving it for tomorrow. Fashion Modern shirts The shirt is the most traditional piece of clothing of men’s closet. Worn with suit, tie, and several collar styles. But who’s said it needs to be so serious, after all? Sommelier Mistakes to avoid during a wine tasting If you appreciate good quality wine, pay attention to the list we’re bringing below. We’re talking about the 7 most common mistakes people make when tasting wine. Check them out: Dating How to leave your comfort zone You probably know what a comfort zone is. Fashion Details, details They may be related to the way you choose to wear something, or maybe a strong trend, an accessory, a special item. Sommelier Wine are cheaper in 2019 If you, like me, enjoy a good bottle of wine, you’ll probably happy with the news I bring: prices are probably getting cheaper this year. What Women Want Busy, busy lives Do you remember what you ate for lunch yesterday? Remember what you did last bank holiday? I bet you woke up early, got hurriedly dressed, grabbed a coffee to-go somewhere, and barely made it to work on time. Stephany A distinct chemistry A few weeks ago, I met a very interesting man. When we were together, the chemistry was different. I had even shared a few of my sexual desires with him. Among them, taking part in a threesome with another woman.

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