Stephany The best party was not on the boat It all started on a hot summer morning, I had received an invitation to a birthday party, detail, on a boat, was excited. Jet Set New Evoke SE R-Dynamic The new Evoque comes to market with 2.0 turbo capable of delivering 250 horsepower and 37.2 Kgfm of torque. In addition, the model also features a nine-speed automatic gear. Fashion Not traditional but current Men's fashion has always followed a timely line of changes and swings, though  without much hype and almost always classic. But in recent decades... Mantips Always get to work. To overcome difficult situations, faith is required, but attitude is indispensable. There is no point in wanting to win the lottery without even buying the ticket. Jet Set New Mustang: Most Powerful in History Ford has released new details about the new generation of its classic sports car. In addition, the manufacturer has ensured that this is the most powerful vehicle it has ever approved for the streets. Stephany Enjoyable farm holidays I don't think I told you here, but despite looking like a woman who has always lived in the city, among many people, cars and buildings, I spent a good part of my teens on the farm in a small country town. Jet Set Mercedes: State of the art luxury of the future Mercedes had promised a "big surprise" for this year's Monterey Car Week, and showed it was no joke. During the event, the German automaker presented the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet. What Women Want Investing is the trend! With the massification of communication channels in the digital world, knowledge is spreading more and more. Sometimes shallow, superficial knowledge. Fashion It's time to take a chance! Men's fashion does not take a lot of risks, even the biggest trends oscillate in the way the pieces are worn - like a shirt that at some point is worn out of the pants and another tucked in. Stephany A different affection. Finally Friday came, I had arranged a few light-hearted meetings with some of my friends. I decided to dress up at a friend's house, took a shower, dried my hair and put on some white lingerie, put on the most fragrant o... Fashion Sure bet! They are not necessarily the basics of men's fashion, but they sure are essential for you to create a good personal image in your life. Mantips "Do not confuse realism and pessimism" We live in a time of unstable economy, and great changes in the corporate environment, in this scenario optimism becomes a virtue capable of motivating and bringing more confidence to co-workers. Jet Set Amazon: The world's most valuable brand Amazon came into being in late 1994 with a focus on online book trade. Since then, the brand has expanded the range of products and solutions, and after a series of very successful investments... Stephany A stranger in the mall It was a Thursday afternoon, June. The day had begun cold and cloudy, but gradually it got sunny. Sommelier 5 Facts About Wine The winter is just around the corner and  wine season is tagging along. Nothing better than relaxing with a glass after a hard day's work, special dinner or happy hour. Stephany An irrecusable invitation Cezar was a tall man. He kept bearded most of the time, with a mysterious look and a slightly sexy smile.

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