We all know that, with time, the two most important aspects of a couple’s life fall into oblivion - dialogue and sex. And, sometimes, afraid of what the other part might think or do, we end up putting our necessities aside.

Such actions take intimacy away from the couple, and when they decide they actually need to talk, it is more like a business meeting. They need to check their schedule, book a place, and try not to be late.


LoveSync is a device created with the purpose of making it easier for the person to invite the partner when it comes to sex. According to the developer, the product should increase sexual activity, since it avoids embarrassing approaches and rejections.

The model has two buttons, each of them exclusive to each person. The idea is that if you push your button, the other half is expected to push theirs up to a certain point if they agree about having sex. In that case, a green light comes on, showing both agree on that.

Watch the teaser:

Even though the idea might seem quite simple, the developers of LoveSync carried out a research with more than 130 couples from several parts of the world, in order to discover if the device would actually be useful on a daily basis.

More than half of the participants agreed that a system to indicate the other partner’s willingness to engage would indeed be useful.


The idea was released on Kickstarter, and has surpassed all expectations, gathering over US$ 21.000 so far, and crowdfunded by 440 people.

The idea might work in theory, but when it comes to it, it might prove that our society is becoming harder and harder to reach, even in moments in which they should feel comfortable to talk, show their feelings and ask for things.

According to the device’s creators, the product doesn’t replace intimate discussion, and that isn’t even its true purpose. On the contrary, the idea is to help people to rediscover their relationships, getting rid of the fear of rejection.

What do you have to say about that?

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