Pal-V Liberty O primeiro carro voadorImages: Reproduction

If you still think flying cars are a thing for movies or cartoons, think again. Dutch company PAL-V presented its Liberty model, the first vehicle in the world which can be both driven and flown, and is to be commercially available in several countries in the near future.

Pal-V Liberty can reach 100 km per hour in only 9 seconds while on firm land, and gets to 160 km. Its operating dynamics is similar to the one of a tricycle. When its propellers are activated, it is capable of reaching the height of 3.500 meters, and up to 180 km per hour in speed.

Pal-V’s flying mode is different in relation to traditional choppers, and for that reason, it is classified as a gyro. The price is also more accessible if compared to regular helicopters, even though the Liberty can’t take off vertically.

The process of taking-off requires an 180-meter-free-runway. The landing, on the other hand, requires a 30-meter-lane. Oh, the propellers can be manually folded, which turns the gyro into a car in about 10 minutes.

At the occasion, the company has also presented Liberty Pioneer, a model made entirely of carbon fiber. Only 90 units of this version are to be produced, each costing about US$ 599 and delivery before the standard Liberty.

And if by any chance you have never flown a chopper before, that’s nothing to worry about: all buyers will get lessons so they can use their new vehicles the best possible way!

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antnonio fabiano de Souza wrote on 2019/03/28
magnífico e inovador.parabéns à todos que participaram desse audacioso projeto futurista .

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