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Subscriber Roberto wrote on :
Obrigado Bellas!!! Vamos aguardar ver o novo ensaio e dar o nosso Parecer exigente!!!!
Subscriber GENERAL wrote on :
Sou mais as mulheres brasileiras com certeza. BELLAS COMO SEMPRE LINDAS COMO NUNCA.
Subscriber José wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
Concordo com tudo o que o Nilton disse.
Subscriber Bruno wrote on :
Jack wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
Adorei este ensaio da Australiana, gosto que as vezes o Bella traz modelos de outros países e ensaios de tipos diferentes.
Adriano wrote on :
Sai quando o ensaio????
Subscriber Roberto wrote on An unmissable shooting, straight from Australia:
Diferente de alguns que comentaram aqui, raspada é tudo! . Mulher tem que ser 100% depilada, fica muito mais sexy. Ainda bem que a maioria dos ensaios é de depiladas. E que continue assim, hehe
Subscriber Nathanael wrote on An unmissable shooting, straight from Australia:
A depilação das modelos é escolha pessoal delas. E eu, e outros também, não tenho nada contra modelos completamente depiladas
Subscriber Frederique wrote on :
magnifique, quelle beauté, bravo !
Subscriber Roberto wrote on :
Acho que está na hora de trazer de volta a Sabrina Hendler. Com as novidades fotográficasdo Bellas e com as novas fotos mais ousadas, creio que a Sabrina faria mais sucesso ainda, já tem um pouco de pelos é só aumentar um pouquinho e vai ficar mais deslumbrante. Ela é muito simples e tremendamente elegante. Vai ser maravilhoso. Traga-a de volta c om todas as novas fotos de todas as posições, mostrando tudo mesmo, de joelho e de costas, de pernas meio abertas e frontal. É só copias as fotos da Rayssa, seção 13, da Mariane Terrafel, todas, da Mariana Luz todas. da Patricia Jordane., todas as frontais. Depois falo de mais fotos. O Bellas é o melhor e vai nos presentear, acredito!!!!
Subscriber Roberto wrote on An unmissable shooting, straight from Australia:
S´s para não dizer que sou radical, as fotos da seção 13 da Rayssa são tivesse um pouco de pelos ficariam mais ainda. O Visual é lindo e a beleza plástica empolga. Aguardamos o presente da Rayssa com as mesmas fotos com pelos. Vai arrasar!!!!!
Subscriber Roberto wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
Bom dia. Linda...linda, porém..não mostrou nada. Muito pouco daquilo que pode oferecer. Nenhuma foto frontal nua de pernas um pouco abertas. Nenhuma foto de costas como as da Mariana Luz e da Tahys Gelisk e também nenhuma foto com as da Mariane Terrafel. Veio também depilada... um pouco de pelos melhora muito, como as fotos da Mariane Terrafel com pelos que são as melhores do Bellas. Acho que ela pode nos proporcionar muito mais no próximo ensaio. O Bellas nunca nos decepciona...sempre tem excelentes novidades. Vamos esperar mais surpresas.
Subscriber Frederique wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
quelle beauté !
Subscriber Marcelo wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
Que gata esta Dana, meu deus e esta boca, delicia, o ensaio e o vídeo ficaram maravilhoso parabéns.
Subscriber Nilton wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
Vou tentar ser realista e educado. Ensaio totalmente fora do padrão Bella da Semana. Tanto a modelo, quanto as fotos e etc.... Com certeza uma semana perdida assim como a semana da Francielli Fontana que pegaram um monte de material antigo e tentaram fazer um ensaio e vídeo e ficou bem ruim.
Subscriber Roberto wrote on :
Quero ver o ensaio 3 da Maiana Luz...somente!!!!
Subscriber Emerson Langie wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
Morena maravilhosa com exotic spice bonus!
Rodrigo wrote on An unmissable shooting, straight from Australia:
Essa moça é muito linda e quente. Que lábios carnudos lindos. Que cor de pele linda.
Rodrigo wrote on You’ll love this Aussie!:
Que foto linda linda ! Humm... que TESÃO GOSTOSO ! Agora eu estou em público...
Subscriber Roberto wrote on An unmissable shooting, straight from Australia:
Concordo com o Falen. Já falei muitas vezes desses meninas raspadas e parece que ninguém atentou para o detalhe. Vejam as fotos da Mariane Terrafel, são as melhores disparado, porque tem os pelinhos bem distribuídos. /ficou maraaaaaaaaaaavilhoooooooooooosa, basta rever. Se a Mariana Luz viessem com os pelinhos seria também imbatível como a Mariane. Vejam as fotos da Rayssa, com pelos seria deslumbrante, como a Patricia Jordane, ficaria maravilhosa. Vou esperar, o Bellas é o melhor e vai nos oferecer o melhor, acredito Sobre essa modelo vou esperar a quarta feira para dar a minha opinião. Saibam que sou exigente como muitos que vejo manifestar. VEJAM SE DEIXE AS MENINAS COM OS PELOS!!!!!!!!

Bella Club is responsible for turning famous some of Brazil’s and the world’s most beautiful models.

It wasn’t by chance that one of the greatest international photographer’s been working for us: Adam Parsell. And it is from Australia that another breathtaking photo shoot’s coming.
Model Dana Healy is coming to present all of the Australian beauty in a brand new shooting. On Wednesday, all subscribers of the web’s hottest website will be pleased to meet her.

Curious? Check this teaser that we’ve just posted in our official Instagram account (@belladasemana).


Here’s another brand new Bella Club photo shoot, straight from Australia. Produced and directed by Adam Parsell, photographer internationally renowned by his work.

In the opportunity, he proves that beautiful women aren’t only in Brazil, and our job is to find them no matter where they come from.

We’re posting a teaser in our official Instagram account (@belladasemana) on Monday to reveal the name of this babe. Stay tuned!

She owns a phenomenal bum, seductive eyes, and is the center of attention no matter where she is. In the previous sections of her shooting, Stefanie Mello has driven the web’s hottest website’s subscribers crazy, and now she returns with the third part of a very special photo shoot.

On Monday we’re posting a teaser in our Instagram account (@belladasemana).

Stay tuned!

She’s only 21 years old and comes to Bella Club with the goal of leaving us all breathless around here.

With a sculptural body, this babe is an Administration major, and has told us that she likes her bum best than anything else. In order to keep her curves perfect, she uses lots of creams and is a fan of massage.

Any ideas on who she might be?

If you’re curious, check our Instagram account (@belladasemana). We’ll be posting a teaser revealing her name on Monday!

Stay tuned!

Were you able to guess the model who’s returning this week?

If you still haven’t, we’re ending your curiosity right away. It’s our stunning Francielli Fontana, who’s worked as a model and ring girl.

She has a sculptural body, likes when men whisper in her ears, enjoys spending her free time in the company of friends, and prefers to be herself when it comes to dating. She’s 23 years old, and believes her worst flaw is being too sensitive. Her qualities involve comprehension and quietness. Oh, and if there’s one thing she likes about her own body are her amazing breasts (wonderful, we must say!).

In the first part of her shooting, released by us in April, she conquered a lot of fans around here, and left us all begging for more. Now, as we couldn’t just ignore all those wishes, she returns to drive you nuts.

Still not a member? Click here to sign up right now, and never miss another photo shoot!

Stay tuned on our Instagram (@belladasemana), where we’re posting a teaser.

She’s 23 years old, was born in the city of Botucatu (São Paulo State, Brazil), and believes her worst flaw is being too sensitive.

Her qualities involve comprehension and quietness. Oh, and if there’s one thing she likes about her own body are her amazing breasts (wonderful, we must say!).

We can only guarantee one thing: after you see these photos, you won’t know where you’re standing.

Stay tuned on our Instagram (@belladasemana), where we’re posting a teaser on Monday.

If Brazil is going to win this World Cup, we still don’t know. What we do know is that Bruna Correa scores many, many goals in our field.

The breathtaking blonde is 26 years old and owns curves which will admire her forever. In her interview, she reveals she doesn't find it hard to keep in shape, isn’t too restrictive when it comes to dieting, and loves having some chocolate once in a while.

Besides, as she describes herself, she’s a do-it-all. She started working as a modelo when she was only 4, is graduated in Law, owns a pet shot along with her mother, is a blogger, and a sponsor to beauty contests.

To motivate all the athletes representing our country in Russia, she arrives in her jersey, ready to play.

Are you curious to see this photo shoot? Our teaser is already on Instagram, and you can watch it by clicking here.

These brand new photos air this Wednesday, June 20.

You’re going to be nuts

She’s a 26-year-old-blonde who owns a spectacular body. Our babe this week is a woman with many assets: she’s a lawyer who owns a pet shop, she works as a model who sponsors and judges several beauty contests.

Born in the South of Brazil, she comes accompanied by a very special shooting, which is about to make you nuts.

We wonder if you can guess who this is and the reason why this photoshoot is going to be special?

We’re revealing her identity along with a surprise that we have prepared for our subscribers, plus a teaser in our Instagram account on Monday, June 18.

The photos are being released on Wednesday, June 20.

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