Nine and Half Hours of Sex

Nine and Half Hours of Sex

I met a guy one morning in a video rental shop. I could tell he was shameless because as soon as he looked at me he strode right into the booth with erotic films. I went in after and grabbed his crotch. While I groped that mass until it grew in my hand, I asked what film he wanted to rent for the day. I, who, innocently thought that he would suggest some predictable porn film like “Hot Hole,” underestimated his capacity for fetishism. He removed my hand, left the booth of erotic DVDs, scanned the classics section and found what he seemed to be looking for: “Nine and a Half Weeks.” Under the embarrassed look of the attendant, he came to me and said that he was producing and acting in a remake of the best scenes... “do you want to participate in the casting?” That was when I realized that I woke up as Kim Basinger. 

Just like Mickey Rourke’s character in the film, he had brown hair, a cleft chin and a face that disguised him as innocent. He took my arm and led me to his car, without asking if I wanted to go. He directed me to the back seat, and I scared myself for having fulfilled the fetish. We remained silent during the drive.
As an adolescent, discovering my first consistent sexual impulses, this film was an emblem of desire and the idea of being sexual and completely dominated by an obsessive man. These days, now more sexually accomplished, I think it’s much more fun to simulate this situation than actually live it. I entered the home of this unknown man, pretending to be apprehensive and unsure, but knowing deep down who controlled the situation. We agreed: it would be nine and a half hours of sex – counting on my watch.

Rogério went straight to the computer and put on Billie Holiday – alluding to one of the first scenes in the film, but without the turntable and the LP. I remained motionless, serious, looking at him with a certain distrust. He ordered me to take off my dress and blindfolded me. I said that I was feeling vulnerable. He laughed.

He put on the DVD of the film, right at the scene in which John passes the ice cube on Liz’s body. I felt a hard chill on my nipple...and heard the moans from the film, in delicious harmony with my own. Rogério placed me on his bed, and, as predictable as it was, I began to shiver with desire. He ran the ice around my panties and I got wet.

Before I was completely undressed, a pause. The sound of the film was interrupted, and I imagined it was a change of scene. I had seen the film so often as a girl that I knew the next act precisely. Without removing my blindfold, he placed me on the ground and placed a cherry on my tongue as he licked my mouth and sucked my lips. I felt him pouring honey on my breasts, my mouth, my belly...until he lay me down, tore off my panties, poured out more honey down below and began to enjoy it.
Still blindfolded, I grabbed his hair and moaned with pleasure as his tongue passed between my legs. He began softly, with slow licks and little nips, while the rhythm intensified. His beard lightly chafed my thighs. The blindfold made me more aroused, while my moans accompanied those of Kim Basinger. Billie Holiday joined us in the background.

Suddenly, the oral performance was interrupted and Rogério began to stroke me with his hand, on the floor, between the kitchen and the living room. With his other hand, I imagined that he was changing scenes. Suddenly, he ripped off my blindfold and I just had time to see the scene was the most sexual of the film: when John and Liz fight, hit each other and wind up having rough sex on the dining room table.

Keeping up with the pace, he aggressively pulled me onto his lap and I began to struggle. I nearly came from the sensation of being thrown on the table.  Rogério raised my legs and entered me as he slapped my left thigh. Until then I had been submissive, yet the time came to be aggressive and then once again be dominated by him. I shouted with pleasure and continued to thrash, until he was able to hold me down on the table and pump with force. After a few minutes of accelerated movements and desire we came together, and soon after we heard the actors coming on the screen.

Even if it was an intensive remake of Nine and a Half Weeks, there were still eight hours left. The solution was to get into his bed and try all the other positions and approaches that were left out of the film. Still tasting like honey, I was licked from head to toe, fucked on all fours, rode horseback, and thrown against the wall. I enjoyed an honorable five orgasms. He nearly made me come once for each hour of our “homemade remake.”

After dinner in bed and a nap, I put on my panties, turned off the DVD, which repeated the credits, kissed Rogério as he was sleeping and left. The session was over, Nine and a Half Hours, and not one minute more. 


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